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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child requires tutoring?

If you are concerned that your child may need extra help with reading, spelling, science, English or maths then a visit to one of the Target Tuition Centres will reassure you. Carol and Val, the centre owners, are experienced teachers who will listen to your concerns in confidence.

Each centre offers a free student assessment which will determine the level at which your child is currently working. This will enable them to design an individual learning programme for your son or daughter.

After discussion with you, Carol or Val will consider the options and advise on the most appropriate course of action to benefit your child.

Not all our pupils are struggling at school. Some students attend because they want an extra challenge, to improve their grades or to pass an entrance exam.

Who will teach my child?

Centre owners and tutors are all fully qualified and experienced with a passion for teaching. All have been enhanced DBS checked to ensure the safety of your child and centres are OFSTED registered.

How will my child benefit from tutoring?

Almost all our students make significantly better progress at school, resulting in:
- An improved class position
- Better SATs results at the end of key stages
- Passing school entrance exams
- Higher than predicted grades in GCSEs.

How soon should I see an improvement in my child's education?

Some students make rapid progress whereas others show steady improvement. Nearly all pupils grow in confidence and we encourage all students to perform to the very best of their ability.

How are the tuition lessons structured?

Children receive 1-1 tuition within a small group of up to 4 pupils. Tuition is a mixture of direct, individual teaching, computer and written activities all focused around age related National Curriculum targets.

When and how long are the lessons?

Each session is 1 hour 15 minutes long. There will be a mixture of direct teaching, written and computer activities during this time. Students usually attend one lesson a week.

Session times are the same every week and opening times can be found on the individual centre pages.

How will my child be rewarded?

Students are encouraged to do their best using praise and stickers for good work. They are given certificates and prizes as rewards for their efforts.

Why should I choose Target Tuition Centres?

- Team of experienced, qualified teachers who specialise in science, maths or English.
- Teachers are patient and kind.
- Tutors give regular feedback to parents.
- We have a good knowledge of the local education system.
- Children develop confidence and improved self-esteem.
- Parents and teachers recommend us.
- Parents enrol younger brothers and sisters.
- Proven track record of exam success.
- Ofsted registered
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